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Need more advice!  Seems the only ones I can find must be shipped from out of state. Taking a chance on the aspects of a guitar that I can't see or hear myself. The other is I cant seem to find one that does NOT have a built in pick up. I want an accoustic only.  Speaking of hearing, does anyony wear hearing aids as I do?  Any ideas?    Have a great weekend!! Tascosa

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The Hummingbird Sustainable was built by design with a pick up .If you want one without it you would have to custom order it from a dealer and specify that you don’t need the pick up or strap button .




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I can't stand it when guitar makers force you to buy an ACOUSTIC guitar with electronics in it. Make models with and without so if we need or want it we have the choice. 

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15 hours ago, zombywoof said:

If you cannot find what you want or are not sure what you want just don't buy a guitar at the present time.


13 hours ago, Tascosa said:

you are right It can wait

Being  in a position where you are able'n'ready to buy a high-end guitar (or any guitar for that matter) is so exciting.                                                                                                                                                  As if you are loaded and energized from searching, imagining, trying already before state 2 sets in : Receiving the instrument itself.                                                                                                                        It's a high state of being and should not be thrown away, , , after something half right. That said, it's fairly easy to remove a pick-up.                                                                                                             A local pro can to it - perhaps yourself. And there's a chance you won't even need a new saddle. 

                                           Have a continuous good hunt ~ enjoy every corner surprise challenge dilemma glimpse fantasy, , , , and aspect of reality as you go. .

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