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Gibson style A questions

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So I acquired a Gibson A style mandolin.  It is black with a carved back and belly. The pick guard is broken and I would like to replace it.  It was pinned to the finger board. I am ok with violins but don’t know anything about mandolins.  I want to just clean it up and sell it to someone who will enjoy it. Any help is appreciated. 






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Hi. Do you have a serial number on the label? Or a number on the inside neck block?   It is a A.   

How much are you asking for it? Those pickguards are known for de solving.  It is gassing off. And will create problems on the rest of the celluloid plastics like binding. Its a cancer that doesnt quit.   I have s harp guitar thats doing the same thing.      

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1 hour ago, Violin guy said:

The serial number is 79142. And the number inside on the neck is 8094. 
I am tying to figure out how old it is.  I was offered $2000 for it but not sure if that’s a good price or not

This dates to 1924.    Its a style A from the Lloyd Loar era.   Do your home work.     Mandolincafe.com.      And.  Reverb.com.   There a very popular mandolin. 

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These were the bottom of the line in 24. But there tone puts these right up with the A4s without virzi of the era.   My guess in that condition being a snakehead. 2 to 2500. But make sure its up to snuff. I see these at 3000 up.  Alot do not sell. Unless there super clean originals without issues. 

like I said there very popular. 

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