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1 hour ago, fretplay said:

The interesting thing is Gibson made a short run of Cj165 about twenty years ago and no more since.

The CJ-165 was introduced in 2006, and the CJ-165ec was released the following year.  The model was produced through at least 2012 (with a name change to J-165 thrown in for good measure).  I have a maple-bodied 2007 CJ-165ec, with rosewood board & bridge.  Super comfortable body to play sitting down.

Gibson’s recent Parlor model has identical dimensions (except for being shallower in depth), and there also was the Avant Guard version that preceded it.

So in actuality, Gibson’s 15” small jumbo body has now been on Bozeman’s radar for the last fifteen years.

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Thanks Bobouz my CJ165 is not cutaway and rosewood back with ebony fretboard and gold hardware. I have played a maple back I like both.  As you say a really comfortable guitar to play and a beautiful clear sound. 

I didn't know that production went on until 2012. I bought mine in US but I have only heard of one  here in UK.    The thing I find strange is despite the similarity with a Martin 00028 the production life on the Gibson is short where on the Martin over eighty years. It's like Martin making years of D28s and Gibson J 45 just a short run.

Perhaps Gibson should look at their marketing program as I think they are not aware of what  gem they have hidden away.

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