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1956 LG-1 saddle material?


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Hey everyone!

A few years ago, a friend of mine gifted me his childhood guitar, a sweet little 1956 LG1.  It was left in the attic for most of its life and came in a bit dirty, with a small crack along the treble side where the pickguard had shrunk, but was otherwise in surprisingly good shape for a guitar it’s age.  I had it cleaned/repaired and have loved it since.  One thing I wish, though, was that it projected a bit more.  The guitar is CRAZY light, and when you tap it you can feel the whole thing vibrate, so I feel like I could get MORE from it, even if it is “just” a little ol’ ladder braced beater.


This got me thinking about an old Washburn I had; I swapped the saddle to bone on a whim and it’s volume increased and tone improved.  Of course, that was a Washburn and this is a Gibson, albeit a student model; it could well have come with a bone saddle in the first place!


Info on these things is kinda hard to come by, so I figured I’d ask around here; does anyone know what kinda material Gibson would have used on an LG1 in the 50s?


Any info anyone has would be helpful.  Thanks, everyone!

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5 hours ago, zombywoof said:

The original saddle would have been some kind of a hard plastic.  

Excellent, thank you!  I’ve thought about the saddle swap for a bit, but didn’t want to waste my time if it was already bone.  Looks like I’ll be contacting Bob Colosi in the near future...

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