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2020 Les Paul Classic


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I have been playing the new les paul classic now for a couple of days, it is a great guitar to play , the neck is perfect.

Initially i found the burstbucker 61 pickups to be both very harsh on the high strings and boomy on the lower strings, which i found strange, i have managed to get a sweet spot now by significantly lowering the pickups and screwing down the pole pieces on the G,Band E strings, this has made a huge difference to the sound and i usually dont mess with settings on my guitars.  Great guitar though ,  has anyone else noticed these issues  with the burstbucker 61 pick ups. 

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No but I'm not surprised at all.

These days I also set my pickups lower rather than higher but haven't adjusted any pole pieces so far.  Might try it on the P90s sometime. 

Happy playing - best wishes.

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Yeah, I had issues with them at first. Now the neck pickup is set very, very low, and I lowered the bridge pickup, though not that much,and now they sound incredible. Just super sweet. 

Be patient and fiddle around is my advice. 

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On 4/12/2021 at 11:33 PM, Twang Gang said:

I had one of those Classics and I guess I was lucky my pick-ups were set properly when I got it cause it sounded great right from the beginning.  I really liked those 61 pickups and thought they had a real nice vintage LP tone.


And had I listened to you, I'd have saved myself time and money 😉

I agree, when at their sweet spot, they're really, really LP vintage-y. They may be AlNiCo V, but they sure have a lot of AlNiCo II in the sound. Usually, when you read "AlNiCo V for a little more bitey vintage sound", it translates "way too hot and harsh to sound remotely vintage", but these, once they're dialed in... Man, the yummy mids... So sweet. 

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