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To shim or not to shim P90s


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Hi everyone,

I'd like to seek your opinions, please, about whether or not to shim the dog ear P90s on my ES-295 (a 2013 Memphis reissue, not an original one) and to see if anyone has tried it on the same or a similar guitar, including the Epiphone version. I've never seen it done but then again I've only ever seen one other ES-295, a 1956 model which I played and enjoyed so much that I didn't think to look at how the pickups were mounted.

The pickups are  c. 7/16" away from the strings (if I hold the a string down at the last fret) and I need to turn the amp up compared to other guitars. I've attached a couple of photos

I'm happy with the sound and probably won't use it live very much, but has anyone tried to get the pickups closer to the strings and what was the outcome? Is there anything to be gained and how difficult is it to achieve it?







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