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Real or fake 84 Explorer

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Got a guy wanting to trade an '84 Explorer for my Taylor T5. I was all set to make the trade, and I noticed the truss rod cover. I know there's some back and forth on 2 and 3 hole Gibson covers, but does anyone know for sure what was used on an 84 Explorer? His has a 3 hole and I can't find any examples of a 3 hole Gibson Explorer. Thanks!

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You need to post some photos. Usually Gibson has 2 screws in the truss rod cover. Look at the bridge post, there should not be flat screw driver slots in them. If it it has them, than that is a Chinese bridge and a fake Gibson. Take the truss rod cover off and look at the truss rod nut, it should be a hex head, if it takes an Allen Wrench, then it is fake.

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