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2007 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom Silverburst


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I have a brand new 2007 Gibson SG Custom Silverburst. I included the "Les Paul" as the top of the fret-board does contain the Les Paul insignia and I believe that it was original to the Guitar although I can not be certain because I bought it used some years ago. I've never seen another Gibson SG Custom Silverburst and I'm wondering just how Rare this Guitar might be and if it has any value. The Person i purchased it from said it had never been Played and from it's condition I would say that's true and I have never played it...I've found it very difficult to get ANY kind of information on this Guitar and would appreciate anything anyone can tell me about it. Thank you. Daren Theige

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Hi heetseeker and welcome to the forum.

I know it sounds pedantic, but describing a 2007 guitar you acquired used some years ago as brand new, is odd. I know you said neither he nor you have played it, but that's also odd. " Two people bought the same guitar and never played it? 

Silverburst is certainly a known Gibson finish. The original SGs from 1961 were badged & sold as 'Les Pauls'. So it sounds like you have some sort of reissue model. I don't have any clear notion of value, but use the description you provided here and see what pops up on Reverb/Craigslist/Ebay etc. The results should give you some idea of worth.

Failing that, pictures of the guitar always help here. Try using a host site for pictures though.

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