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Acoustic bridge pins....is there really a difference,??


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Well thanks for all of your replies. I went ahead and purchased a set of ebony pins. This is for my little Taylor 214. At least it will look prettier if it doesn't help the tone anyway!!


On another note I made a new to me purchase of a Larrivee OM-03 guitar. 


Was in a local music shop used. Have heard of the name brand but never saw one in person. 


I fell in love with it. This is the mohagany version. 


Well made, plays awesome and sounds nice. 


I cannot put it down. It plays so nice. 


It has a wide neck for an acoustic. But is still(to me) very easy to play.

It isn't as bright as the little Taylor i have though. 


But that is fine with me.




It happens to have some kind of bone bridge pins. 



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I played one used Larrivee in a Mom and Pop shop I go to, but I am not sure what model it was. It was a really nice guitar. I think it was RW back and sides. I remember the back looking really nice.

I've never had bone pins on any guitar. Mine either came mostly with plastic or one with ebony.

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On 4/20/2021 at 7:00 AM, Sgt. Pepper said:

I have ebony pins on all my acoustics (7). Not sure if they sound better, but to me they look better than plastic (too me least). Here is a bunch of guitars all with ebony pins. The 41 has been traded for a HD-28V. The HD-28V, D-35 and 00-18 are not in the pic.



As promised, HD-28V, D-35 and 00-18. All with ebony pins. 



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