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ES-335 Satin Natural with a Figured top and back?


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I am new to  this forum. I have a 2020 ES-335 Satin Natural that the top and back look like the Figured maple. But it’s a Satin finish and thus looks more subtle than the traditional Figured version. Is this unusual for a Satin to have this? I haven’t seen another one like this anywhere on-line.  From what I have read, this look requires a special type of Maple, so wondering how this might have come about. And perhaps this isn’t that unusual after all.  Also, according to the serial number, this was completed on May 21, 2020, during the shut down when fewer guitars were being built, as I understand.  Maybe they used the AAA maple on this one for some reason?  Any thoughts or insights? Thanks! 



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Yes, but yours is a regular gloss finish. I’ve seen those. But mine is a Satin all over, including neck. I will send photos soon. But typically this wood is listed as AAA Maple and has about a $700 premium attached, the gloss is about $400 extra, above the Satin price. Thus, my curiosity on bow this happened and how often it happens.  Thanks!

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So Gibson Customer Service responded to my inquiry, asked for photos, and a day later confirmed that this Satin finish guitar does in fact have the AAA maple Figured top and back, although it was not intended.  They gave no reason why or how.  Just that it occasionally does happen.  So, it is nice to know that I have a somewhat unique 335. 

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On 4/20/2021 at 8:18 AM, SteveFord said:

Looks a fair amount like my 2017 but different pick ups and dots.

What's the back of the neck like, satin which buffs out to a semi gloss real fast?



The Satin doesn’t “buff out” unless you intentionally buff it out or fail to wipe it down after playing, thus leaving natural oils on the guitar. A Satin finish will shine but a gloss will get hazy from leaving sweat or oils on the finish. Either way, not cleaning down any finished instrument will ultimately lead to some consequence. But I have a 1977 Les Paul Deluxe that I purchased new and it still looks new because I’ve taken care of it. 

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