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Now they've gone and done it!

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Only $7K.  One nice feature is that in '62 the sideways vibrola was designed for the SG which has a flat top.  There is a little disclaimer that if you use the vibrola on this guitar it will scratch the top.  Seems to me if it were an authentic reproduction the scratches would already be there, or maybe Marcus, his father and his grandfather never used the whammy keeping the top pristine, but then why custom order it on there in the first place.  So lots of logical things in addition to the "stereo" truss rod cover on a mono guitar.  But again it's only $7K.

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2 hours ago, SteveFord said:



One odd thing, engraved stereo truss rod cover but it's a mono guitar?


Is that gonna be in the driveway soon? 
Is the wife back in PA?

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No, that's out of my price range by a LOT.

Caution: do NOT use sideways vibrola, will cause surface damage...

You think they would have shimmed it for clearance but not my call.


  Luckily, no sign of my errant better half and I would prefer to keep it that way.  That woman was brutal.

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