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Help is appreciated with the value of this 65 SG Junior


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Hi all!

I bought a 65 SG Junior way back in 2002 from eBay. A friend recently expressed interest in purchasing it but I have no idea what it's actual value is. I checked out the price guide on reverb.com but there are a few things not so common/don't add up. 

  1. The paint job isn't original and is custom. I bought it like this and it's one of the reasons why I bought it.
  2. The back of the neck has strange horizontal lines under the paint and I'm wondering what these might be.
  3. There are 3 holes below the bridge. I'm guessing this might have been where the tremelo was but I can't say for sure. I remember the person I bought it from on eBay mentioned they had made some modifications but I don't recall what they were and I no longer have access to the related email account.

The serial number is 508864 and the pots confirm it's a 65. Many thanks go to the people in the other thread that pointed me toward the pots and website that even got me this far. My ballpark estimate is that it's worth between $1500-2000. It does have some nicks but very few. My question to to everyone here is, does $1500-2000 seem about right for the price? Pictures and more pictures in the next few comments.



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Those lines on the heel looks like a patch.  Covering up a neck break.  That should be 3 piece neck including the headstock wings.   Those three holes would of been for a tremolo tailpiece.  That tailpiece bridge that is on it now is not original.  

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Fjestad's Blue Book would place the value at around $1,500 for sure, calling the condition Very Good +.

It could fetch a heftier price if it had the original tailpiece/tremolo, and hadn't been re-painted. 

The neck repair keeps the value down as well. 

Cool guitar, don't get me wrong. 
I like it a lot. 

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