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Damaged by Luthier! Need Advice on Repair Options

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I bought this axe new last month - absolutely mint condition at the time. Initially, I had the infamous fret buzz. After a full setup to spec and a quick check with my fret rocker, frets 1-8 were high and low, needing a fret level, crown, polish. I scheduled an appointment with a local Gibson authorized repair center for a fret level and full setup. 

The images attached are what I received back! I'm working with the GM at the store on repair costs, but will NOT allow them to touch my guitars ever again. 

Most of these areas are minor, but the finish appears to be ruined with the nitro being polished up by the luthier in an attempt to hide the scratched he put on the body. 

Can the satin nitro finish be easily restored? Can I raise the ding on the back of the neck with solder iron/wet cloth method or some other way? (I will replace the nut)






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Now DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS, but I think a good luthier could fix the nitro. 

I wouldn't try to do anything with the ding on the headstock. It could just make it worse. 

I'd get the money back for the setup, obviously, but I'd take several very deep breaths and leave everything be, even if I'd be pissed too. Just my two cents. It's still gonna be a great guitar. 

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At this point it is probably best to forego the satin-finish look and polish it all up to a semi-gloss sheen. You won't get the original satin sheen back.

The problem with raising the grain by using the steam method on the back of the headstock, in order to mitigate the depression there, is that the lacquer and color located there will be affected by this method because it is not bare wood. Hence I would not recommend it, too risky.

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I've been in talks with Gibson since I posted this. I'll be having a Zoom meeting with them tomorrow morning to review the damage and get an estimate on restoring. 

With this being my first Gibson guitar ever (after 30+ years of playing) I want this to be in as close to original shape as when I purchased new 1 whole month ago. 😕

This will be repaired by a 'real' pro!

I must say though - it sounds and plays amazing. 

Thanks for the feedback guys! 

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On 4/26/2021 at 10:53 AM, CentersJ said:

Can I raise the ding on the back of the neck with solder iron/wet cloth method or some other way?

Since you have finish on the neck, I wouldn't advise raising this up via your proposed method.  If you had bare wood, then it would work - from experience.  The idea is to get water into the wood and make it expand by your proposed method.  The finish will not allow this to happen unless you compromise it in some way.  Sorry about this.  Good luck sorting out your business. 

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