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New to the forum, new (ish) to Gibson and seeking wisdom


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I’ve just joined the forum and Gibson ownership. What a day.

I have just this minute won a 2014 Gibson melody maker on eBay and am already impatient for it showing up.

I am fairly certain of a few things I would like to do to it, but thought I’d ask some Gibson aficionados beforehand  as I’ve only ever owned one Gibson previously, ten years ago, wildly different (non reverse firebird) and I didn’t like it haha.


What I would like to do is put a trapeze tailpiece and tunomatic (or Nashville) bridge on the guitar for aesthetic and intonation reasons as I’ve read that whilst there is some setup tolerance on the wraparound it is suited to the factory string gauge and I like 11s.


id also quite like to change the pickup covers to cream, for no reason other than aesthetics.


and the only non reversible (I think) think I would love to do to it, although I’m hesitant as I am unsure how it would reflect if I came to sell it is to either buff the satin finish to something resembling gloss or to shoot a nitrocellulose clear coat over the factory finish and buff to a high gloss.


shoot me down and tell me I’m mad!


thanks in advance

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