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Info on a vintage Gibson acoustic, please!


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Hello all,


I am a newbie here (spend most of my time on Fender forums - sorry!) so please accept my apologies if this is in the wrong area. 

My buddy has been left a Gibson acoustic guitar by a family member in a will. He is keen to find out about it. I have done some rudimentary digging online and believe it to be a 1909 Gibson O Series. It has had some restoration work but most of the parts appear original to me; the parts that were changed during the restoration are still with the guitar. As best we can tell, the serial number is 9567. The case is not original. 

Are any of you able to share your expertise regarding this guitar? Any information gladly received. He is not wanting to sell as it’s a part of his family history but if it is valuable he is keen to know a rough value so that he can insure it correctly. 

I will try to upload some decent photos for you. 

Many, many thanks in advance for any comments. 



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Very Cool!  It looks all the world like a pre-1910s Style O .  The best source for information would be Spann's Guide to Pre-War Gibsons so you might advise your friend to buy a copy.   Value comes down to many things involving originality and condition.  I would suggest your friend contact George Gruhn.  He will do long distance appraisals

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HEREs a luthier rundown of a similar one from 1914.  In the realm of all guitars out there, i'd say collectibility on this is pretty low- more of an historical artifact than a player, so probably better kept in the family to learn a couple of ragtime songs in honor of great-grandma or something like that than trying to cash in on it. 

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That would be pre 1910 as the label changed in mid 1910.  Also your has the non script peghead.       I see the tailpiece celluloid is falling apart.  Becareful with string tension.      You should find a good luthier to repair those cracks.  No refinish. The back and sides are birch.   Top is wide grain spruce.     I like it.     There functional. And fun to play.  

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Many thanks for the responses so far: all passed to him. I have also passed him the information for Gruhn Guitars and I think he will most likely get a picture appraisal done in the near future. 

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