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2 hours ago, Whitefang said:

You do recall that was Ms. Parker's response to a friend's challenge to use the word "horticulture" in a sentence, right?  [wink]  Always loved that one.


My friend, I believe you misconstrued the meaning of that  "BACK that's stiff"  reply.   [flapper]


yes. she, HL Mencken & a few others had a drinking game where they would throw a word out and they had to use it in a sentence. lol

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5 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

I'm still trying to understand why the pic got posted of the  girl and the guy in the bow tie.

Because I like to post nonsensical, seemingly-unrelated, and vaguely disturbing images, whenever I write a bit. 

There's the original posting that waxed and waned between absurdity and dark humor, right?
It was a lark, but an unsettling lark. 

So the photo posting associated with the original bit should be, accordingly, a bit off-kilter. 
A movie poster from Soylent Green, for instance, would be cheap and predictable. And un-funny. 

An image of the Uruguayan soccer team, after surviving the crash of Flight 571 into a mountainside, cooking and eating bits of the flanks of their fallen comrades, on the other hand, would be too heavy-handed. And grisly. And also un-funny. 

So, in the end, a cheery, clearly borrowed from the internet image of two happy dorks sitting in a garden was in order. 
It speaks to a contrast between dark and light. 
Reality and nightmare. 
Ginger and Mary Anne. 
Treble and Rhythm. 
The poker chip. 

I'm gonna shut up now. 


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