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Who was your first headliner?


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Mine was Ray Peterson. The summer of '63. The venue was the county fair...in the building with all the homey, home-made stuff like jams and pickles and doilies and stuff. No kiddin'! We were in one of the corners, on the floor! No stage, no risers, no nothin'. He had his own guitar player, a guy who looked a bit like Paul McCartney, and we provided the rhythm section. He sang a couple of his old hits, the one I remember most was "Corinna, Corinna" But he did "Tell Laura I love Her", too, of course, and a couple of newer tunes that I hadn't heard before rehearsal. I was nervous as hell and had a great time. I came outta there believing I was on my way.


And, 45 years later, here I am. :D


Who was your first?

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I apologize for the confusing question. =P~ What I was hoping to hear was the first headliner you opened for or backed.


First? Too many years, and too many miles to remember. Having spent my guitar playing days in the jazz and blues fields, even a lot of the big name artists are pretty obscure to most people. Back in the late seventies the jazz rock/fusion band I played in opened a couple of shows for the great jazz combo Trio Tres Bien. I also spent a few years in the trenches as guitarist with the bluesman Piano Slim.



But the biggest name artist I've ever worked a show with, and certainaly the most recognizable would be ........

Chuck Berry.


In April, the Big Band I play with will be doing a jazz festival where the headliners are saxophonist Lou Marini (Blues Brothers) and guitarist John Pizzarelli.

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