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How can my Gibson Les Paul 60's standard be a 2022?

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Still new to looking up serial numbers but I found a site where you can put the number in and it says 2022?


The number on the headstock is 226500080 just wondering how that can be the case when we are still in 2021? I bought it from a music store it has the case and baby photo etc I do not believe it to be  a fake. 

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OK, your guitar is not a 2022. It is a 2020. The first and fifth number signify the year. The second through fourth signify the day of the year it was made.

2 and 0 = 2020
265= September 22

For a few years 2014- the middle of 2019, the first and second digits represented the year. But when the New managment got the new production lines in full swing they went back to the old format. The daters you are using are not up to date.


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