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42 J 45 Reissue vs Actual 42

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Quite the contrast from Tamio Okuda, and his being commemorated with the recent run of Tamio Okuda J-45 customs.

Such a broad range of sounds Yeats has brought out of the humble J-45 here, both old and new. The ears almost deceive the eyes.

Re: the Love Me Tender clip switching to the old guitar @ t = 3:33 - hey, who turned up the reverb/presence?


Thanks for sharing, Juan Carlos

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That was a really good comparison. His "real" banner J-45 is in remarkable condition.

The new guitar is a little tighter, but really well balanced. The vintage guitar has a penetrating top end and mid-range.

It's amazing how good the new one sounds at this stage, compared to the vintage model.

Nice to see guitar evaluations that are something other than shred and crash.

That guy is really talented.

This shows once again that Bozeman can build great guitars.

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Everyone should have both of these to play for an afternoon. The vintage has that sound, the new one a bit more sustain?  The factory is cranking out some stellar instruments - that reissue sounds spot on. Wonder what the neck profile is?  I better be careful I don’t talk myself into another J45....

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