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Okay, so I sold off two guitars this past week, and gave one away. (An old but pristine Alvarez acoustic, to the local drug & alcohol treatment facility.)

Today I am poised to sell one more, a Les Paul style guitar that I am fond of, but just don't play all that much. Two guys at work are lusting to buy it, so we'll see which fellow ends up buying it off me.

Why the purge, you may ask?

Because I am making room for a Fender Telecaster that I have had my eye on for quite awhile.
And as much as I hope and pray, Sweetwater just isn't putting it on sale.
So I pulled the trigger on an online order the other evening, and she should arrive this very afternoon.

A teaser image for now, and then complete unboxing photos this evening.

Cheers, and happy days.





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1 hour ago, kidblast said:

I'm a kidder...  I realized I didn't add any smiley emoji's..  so I did that now....so there's that.

Is ok.  I'm used to the mocking and shunning that goes with putting humbuckers in Fedners.  I'm not hurt.  Much.  Often.  Surfpup softened me up for it.


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Totally agree on the donation, excell job. Love the satin look of the tele. Please show  the front, humbucks or not will be jealous. I love teles, they are the perfect electric 6 string. So simple and play like a dream, cant beat em.

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Well, the box showed up in great condition, as did the Fender interior box and Sweetwater case candy.
No case though.
And no gig bag.



The guitar itself was well protected, and in lovely shape.



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She's not a neck-through, but the scarf joint is nicely done.

Those overseas Fender employees really know their wood craft.

I love it.

Plugged her in.
She's a really interesting machine.

Not a Les Paul, and not a Stratocaster.
The single-coil tones when you pull up on the Tone Knob aren't precisely vintage Tele either.
But it's uniquely Fender, if that makes any sense.

It's like Billy Gibbons and Joe Walsh had an Indonesian baby, and named it Rick Nielsen.

Okay, I'm gonna shut up now.





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Wow, very nice guitar.  Is that all mahogany with a maple cap?  Almost like a Fender Les Paul "ish" ... Fabulous, looks awesome!  While not MIA, it is also a big up-check (at least for me) to NOT be MIC.  Well done, sir!

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