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I'm a Senior Citizen and not good at computer research.  I want to get the years for the following guitars.  Is anyone good enough at this to help me out.  I would appreciate it.

ES-355    B-04007

Johnny Smith    71038107

ES-175   A-13683


I would appreciate the courtesy and thank you.



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Chris, I appreciate it.  I had actually seen this site and after two readings, I cannot make heads or tails from it.  Confusing and seems to talk about the numbers in a way that makes no sense.  Serial numbers are all over the place.  I know the info must be in there.  I was just hoping to find a member who has looked up so many they know right where to go and how to interpret.  This sentence is an example from a site.  Now how would you apply this to my Johnny Smith 71038107? :

"82765501 means the instrument was produced on Oct. 3, 1985, in Nashville and was the 1st instrument stamped that day.


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Gibson has changed numbering system a few times, and in the "old" days even reused serial numbers. 

Whether its 5 digits , 6 digits or more

Date code project really only tells you year , plant (Nashville/Memphis) and production number at best. 

Would be best to call Gibson Custom service when they open on Monday 

They should give you a bit more detail 

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5 hours ago, bbbacres said:

Now how would you apply this to my Johnny Smith 71038107?

1978, 103rd day of the year, 107th guitar that day or something like that. This is the only one I can take a stab at. The others would probably want to talk to Gibson  - like @Eracer_Team said and see if they’re of any help. 

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