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Different dark fire finish?


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Allthough i really like the dark fire finish

ive been looking at the autumn burst SG and i love the colours in that too.

I cant afford or want to buy the SG although a stunning guitar.

I was wondering if gibson would do a darkfire with an autumn burst top

if they would i wonder what the extra cost may be?

I quickly knocked up a darkfire with an autumn top '2 mins in the photoshop' lol :))

I know quality isn't that great but 2 mins what dya expect!

What do ya all think?

Apart from that im nucking futs!!!! :oP


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haha it looks really cool! a jet black darkfire would be cool' date=' and an alpine white with a black pinstriped edge would be cool too... but gibson, NO TRIBAL GRAPHICS PLEASE!!!![/quote']


Yeah really 'what the **** were the thinking with the tribal stuff! Naff! lol O:))

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