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Hello all. I am new on the Gibson Forum even though I have owned a Les Paul Standard Plus since 2002. Been fooling around with guitars for about 7 years, but recently I have decided to take it seriously. I own a few other models from other manufacturers which I will not list at the moment. Looking forward to interacting with other guitar players about the Les Paul.

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Well first I must apologize for not posting for a while been real busy at work etc. Anyway Tuckerpig is actually a name for a dog that I own. Tucker is a Boston Terrier and when my wife and I got him 14 years ago as a puppy he had a little screw tail like a pig. Well I guess you now understand how I came about the name. I also found that knowbody ever uses that name on any forum so I just stuck with it.


Guitarhead I have to say that is one hell of a beautiful collection. I am in awe.

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Hi, I m stephane, from France.

The music I like is Led Zeppelin, Slash, Beatles, Deep Purple, most of the 70's Rock n roll Band.

I have a Les Paul Standard 2005 Vintage Tobacco Burst and couples of other guitars (Fender Stratocaster US, Gretsch, Epiphones...)

and play on JCM Slash Signature 2555.

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My guitars:

- Epiphone SG Bigsby Vintage (the back is dedicated by Lenny Kravitz Himself !)

- Fender Statocaster US

- Gibson Les Paul Standard

- Epiphone Les Paul Standard

- Folk Guitar


And this is my little recording studio I've done :




You can see the Gretsch on the right.








Lespaul again



Slash Signature and JCM 900



Thanks for your welcome.

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I just joined myself. Hi all. I love Gibsons so much I figured I'd join the forum. I'm like the guy who started this topic, been goofing around on the guitar for years and recently started taking it seriously.


Stupid question, how do I add a picture to my replies?





LP Custom

LP Standard


SG Standard


ES 335

Marshall Stack

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You need to post your pictures on photobucket.com..... Its free. Once You have uploaded your pics there are 4 links under each one. Cut and paste (The whole link) tagged EMG then simply paste it into your message box. It will show up as text until you preview or post it.... Hope this helped..







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Thanks Jesse!! I think I'm in love with the silverburst. Not an original though, it's an '07.


Her name's Mistress, not your typical name for a guitar. That's because I bought it, then kept it secret from my girlfriend for almost a month! I actually used it to propose. I had the ring tied to one of the tuners and told her I bought a guitar. Figured it was a win-win situation...get engaged and don't get in trouble for buying a Custom. =P~







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