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I'm looking at one in excellant condition for $850' date=' would this be a good deal? [/quote']

That's about right judging from Ebay.

Good deal? I dunno...


They were pretty hot when they came out, all the marketing and the buzz about something new and different.

Looks like the sales have fallen way off and the guitar market is weak anyway.

See if you can drive a better deal.


If not, and it's in 9/10 shape, you'll be alright I guess.


For the same price you can snag a used Studio if that appeals to you. A little less will get you a NICE used LP Special.

You could buy a rough-looking used Standard on Ebay and then mod the hell out of it....


I know, all unsolicited advice you didn't ask for...



Good luck with it.

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Price isn't awful bad but should be less I paid 799 for mine at the store when I got it so??? Also wondering how do you tell if a BFG is in excellent condition? I mean they come unfinished and beat to hell how could anyone tell if it was damaged hell you'd probably have to refinish it before you could damage it...


Mine is a week 25 guitar of the week from Gibson in finished gloss black so don't if it really counts as a BFG.

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Yeah, when you do get it thou, i would recomend putting the selector switch where it should be, tossing the killswitch and getting a nice tone knob for the guitar.


Or if you wanted to be differant, you could just take out the Killswitch and put the knob there like Gretsch sometimes does...


Maybe put the volume for the neck there so you could easily use the middle position well...



Damn, i think to much...

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