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Gibsons Cases - TKL vs Made in China


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So I’m amazed there is no topic on here about this, but has anyone else had a Gibson come in a made in China Gibson labelled case ?

My first Les Paul I had to send back due to finish issues, but it came in a Chinese made case that was... well flawless, absolutely spot on it!

Les Paul number two came in the usual TKL case... and its just a bit of a mess really. I’ve included a few pictures to show what I mean, they’re only minor issues but the difference in finish quality is surprising





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I’ve seen so many QC problems on these vintage style cases. My G&G Fender case doesn’t even stand up on the metal feet. Even when they are built right they’re heavy and less protective than a more modern case


My little bro got a Telecaster Ultra and the included case is really nice. It’s just about as ugly as it gets but the functionality is excellent. 

Unfortunately it appears that most of Gibson’s customers want to see a vintage style case. Personally when it comes to the case I’m not concerned with aesthetics and I’ll take the ugly plastic type if it’s well fitted and lightweight with nice latches and hinges

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