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What strings for my Hummingbird 125th anniversary guitar


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If you go to the Gibson Store, you can purchase the newly branded Gibson acoustic strings.  If you like brighter sounding strings, the 80/20s would be the choice.  Phosphor Bronze would be a bit tamer on the top end.  I believe Gibson is still using GHS to make Gibson Strings.  I've been using a set of Gibson's Coated Phosphor Bronze lights on my J200,  I like them a lot.

I don't see them available in the online string merchants offerings yet tho.    But the wait for me was only a few days from Gibson's web store.

For non-Gibson strings, D'Addario's new XS strings are pretty nice.  

I often use Juststrings.com, who is a really good online dealer.  Fast shipping, good customer service.

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D'Addario EXP11, 80/20 Lights are on mine now. Just got it a couple weeks ago and these were the first string change. I like them so far on this Bird. It came with John Pearse Medium Phos/bronze strings on it, but they sounded a little too dark for me. The 80/20s brightened it up a little. Probably going to try some John Pearse light 80/20s on it next string change. My last Standard Bird sounded best with 80/20s so I'll probably stick with them... maybe. One of many string suggestions you'll get. Enjoy your Hummingbird!

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For my Hummingbird Standard, I've gotten along with the Dr Sunbeams, Martin Marquis and John Pearse PBs. Right now I've got a set of La Bella PBs (7GPS). The La Bellas have been very bright, but not without tone. The Marquis give me a few weeks of nice playing with balanced tone each time I try. The John Pearse are a little less bright than the others, but it's a pretty balanced tone and quite easy to get along with. The Sunbeams are just plain good. I've played so many since my last set of them that I've forgotten specifics.

An added point - I did try some John Pearse Blue Grass and they were fanstastic.


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EJ-16's and 17's sound fantastic with a two week sweet spot, and their 80/20's are nice. Also, Ernie Ball 80/20's are great, but for some reason I actually liked the sound of their 11's better than the 12's. Strange....

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