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Ok, Let me ask a stupid question.


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Just now, ghost_of_fl said:

Yeah I've had that thought before while watching shows.  That's  just a whole lot of weight hanging above you.  The people that rig those speakers are highly qualified and there is no room for error.  

And none of them did any drugs while hanging the rigging.

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Back in the day when multiple stacks were used (not just empty cabinets like today) there were several reasons for it.  But mostly it was for huge volume at large venues.  We didn't have distortion pedals - the distortion came from overdriving the amps and pushing the speakers.  The only pedal most guys used back in the late sixties was a wah-wah.  We didn't have much else to use.  Nowadays your can get those sounds and more from rack effects and PA systems are so much better now you can just run through them.  Big power and a lot of speakers also gives you a lot of headroom so you can play clean at high volume too.

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