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I'm a little upset - am I being OCD/Crazy..?

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If you really want to break their balls, send it back for that.  It's the only way anybody will ever get yelled at for this kind of crap.


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On 5/23/2021 at 8:32 AM, badbluesplayer said:

... Messing up something that bad so late in the building process is a sign of some kind of serious disfunction in the manufacturing process.  Where the finisher doesn't respect the thousands of dollars of work that's already been done and just treats the product like his dog chained out in the yard.  And nobody else cares.  It's like making a Chevy and then banging the name tags on there with a hammer and denting the finish and walking away and getting away with it.  You don't put your worst workers at the end of the finishing process.  

Love the analogy!

Included with the guitar was a certificate  with the guitar from Gibson in a nice little faux leather booklet..

Check it out.. It basically says "Pinnacle of Craftsmanship"

Picture of Certificate



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