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Who's Been Getting the Band Back Together?

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I played some tunes with the old band mates the other day.  Looking to get up to speed as the live music scene tries to get back to normal.  Anybody else doing that?

Take Five/Mission Impossible - https://www.facebook.com/jon.waldo/videos/10222025935330678

Dead Presidents - https://www.facebook.com/jon.waldo/videos/10222023244623412



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No, unfortunately my bass player moved out of state and my drummer/sound man doesn't want to move his equipment around anymore.  Living in a fairly remote area it is hard to find other players that fit together both in music style and general attitude.  I may do acoustic solo gigs if the opportunity arises.  There is one available but it requires two hours of music and I haven't quite put together that much.  I could certainly play for 2 hours, but a lot of the songs would be of more interest to me than to an audience so a ways to go to get an entertaining show together.  I probably need another half hour's worth of recognizable somewhat popular tunes.

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Not possible here either. The other guitarist lives in Florida

Have no idea where the bass player is

Nor the drummer either

And the keys guy is too busy with his commercial electrical contracting biz.

And my not having an electric ax don't help either.


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We are back up and running. Played acoustic gig last Wednesday and full band Thursday. Nothing this weekend but next weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) we have 2 big gigs Friday and Saturday.  They are both outdoors so we hope for good weather. 

Normally I would have been at the Delfest Bluegrass Festival on Memorial Day Weekend but for the second year in a row it's canceled. At least it's planned for September this year.  

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Just had our first rehearsal since February this past weekend. We have played 2 gigs since we last rehearsed but even the most recent was more than 2 months ago.

I proposed that I play much less guitar on our songs - basically just do the intro, under the solo and last chorus/outro if needed. That allows me to focus on vocals and makes it a lot cleaner with just one rhythm through most songs. It worked really well - a bit hard to get used to but really rockin' second time through! We will start building some new songs soon and if gigs come along we will be ready quickly in any case.

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