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The shortest guitar bucket list of your life.


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I'm definitely not the oldest here. I will turn 61 in a couple months. A few months back, a classmate passed away suddenly. It happens. It's life. Another classmate messaged me (we were born 12 hours apart) and said, "we both need to buy Mustangs...now."

I got what he meant, even though I don't care about Mustangs, or any other sporty car for that matter. I had a Corvette (operative word = had).

So can you sum up your guitar bucket list with one guitar? Two? We all have lists. We all want "something", and that's healthy. Gives us something to wish for, hope for, save for, trade up to, whatever.

But I don't mean just "what would you like to buy if you were using someone else's credit card", I mean..... what guitar (or two) would you seriously like to own before you kick off? Something you've always wanted but for whatever reason has not happened, but if, at the end of your life, you were genuinely saddened at the thought that it did not?

And why?

Feel free to use both sides of your brain. The only justification you need is your own.

I'll start.

An old J200. Preferably pre-1960. I currently have a 1989 and a 2000, plus a 1985 J100 of my fathers. Doesn't scratch the itch though.  They can (and likely will) go away.  I want the old smell. I want the old feel.  I want the yellowed binding and missing finish on the neck.  I've wanted one since I was old enough to know it stood apart from the rest. 

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I am fortunate, I have pretty much solved the bucket list, (I just turned 64 last month)

There were 2 things on there.

An SJ200, year didn't matter.  I bought one new in 2016.   It is the largest sum of cash I've ever dropped on a guitar.  It made me uneasy to just try and justify it.  My wife didn't hesitate.  "just do it"...   still waited a few years, while the prices just climbed before I just did it.

The second was a Marshall head/cab setup.  Always wanted one.   So I bought JVM205H and a 2x12 1936 cab.   All the sounds that have been trapped in my head, are in this amp.  It is awesome.  is it was easy to move as a combo?  no, but no combo sounds like this thing. it roars! 



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21 minutes ago, Fish Crumpet said:

Restored Golden Hofner delivered in a pristine Facel II by a young Ida Lupino.

You might find a restored Golden Hofner and a pristine Facel II, but you'd have to go WAY back in the past for a young Ida Lupino.  I know that Albert Camus died in a Facel Vega but I don't know which model.

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My guitar bucket list is simple....

Gibson goldtop LP   Preferably a '68 but not essential

Martin HD-28

Gibson Hummingbird 12-string.  Cherry burst.

There are variants in case one is unavailable.   Example:  If the goldtop LP isn't possible, I'll settle for either....

A Gibson Johnny A  or---

A Hagstrom Super Viking

For the other two.....

A Martin 18 or 35

Alvarez 12-string


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My short list is easy.  I want a good Fender (Not Squire) Stratocaster (Sorry Gibson guys, me included).  I have a nice Gibson Les Paul, but I want the Strat sound too.  I have my eyes set on a Cherry Sunburst Maple Flame Top, Maple Fret Board, Made in Mexico, Strat.  I have $285. saved up in "Guitar Center" gift cards.  Someday soon, I'll bite the bullet and spend them to cover part of the costs, but then I need to add a hard-shell case, another good strap, maybe strap locks, and of course a good set-up at my favorite luthier, since I would never trust GC to do the set-up.  All of this will probably total over $1,000.

Ok, for all of the "Guitar Center" bashers, I'm not 100% fond of them either, I just started getting GC Gift Cards from my family, a few years ago, and I figure, let them build up with future gifts, Father's Day, Birthday, and Christmas.  We have a local GC and its easy for them to go there and get Gift Cards, so I just asked them to continue doing that until I have more value to cover the costs.  Not greedy, just can't justify spending money on another guitar, that will be used occasionally, since my 1st love is my Les Paul 🥰.  So, since I'm not in too much of a hurry for the Strat, I'll be patient.   They can never figure out what to get me, so I make it easy on them and just ask for GC Gift Cards.  They insist on getting me gifts anyway, that's the way we are in my family, so why not make the best of it. 🤑

If I was using someone else's Credit Card, as suggested by the OP, I'd go for an American Deluxe Strat with the better body contours, better neck cut-away etc. 


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pre war d 45   (or the  mid 90s AJ  I foolishly traded to Gruhn for a pink sparkle custom shop strat in the late 90s ),   sold that to finance child rearing.    ( shouldnt  a bucket list have buckets on it ?  )  

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I’ve got just about every Guitar I’ve ever wanted...

The only Guitar I really want that I don’t have is my mint condition Vintage Sunburst 1959 Gibson ES345 Stereo with Original PAF Humbuckers that I foolishly Sold in the mid ‘90’s because I was so naive... I had no idea what I had..

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42 minutes ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

Is it to much to ask to have Macca's right handed '67 Martin D-28 he recorded Blackbird with?



Asking is the easy part. 

Receiving however, is an entirely different matter.

But ask away. You never know what might happen.



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KS ,

My bucket list was pretty much filled up a few years ago with the exception of one thats in Bozeman , and that will be determined on price.  Then it was time to move a few on to make more room.     Maybe when the borders open. It will be on this side of the fence.     Im pretty much the same age as you.  And just having a enjoyable time with what I own.   

hope everyone gets what there looking for.  

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13 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

I played a used  000-28EC in a store and it was the business. I have a 000-28, but the EC is some next level voodoo. I should have bought it.

Since it was first introduced, the price keeps creeping up.  I need to get one before it gets so high I can no longer afford it.  

I'll be 70 next month.  What a nice birthday present to myself....

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Short only because I have most of the ones I want anyway!

BC Rich Mockingbird Legacy ST love the shape and all the switches has to be in trans red.

A 50s style Gibson LP could go for a Slash one as specs similar and looks different due to no pick guard and no humbucker covers.

A 12 string acoustic no preferred brand.


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