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Is playing a jumbo guitar difficult?

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1 hour ago, fretplay said:

Well SJ200s are played by many players including the ladies too.   If you are used to a J45 you will be good with a SJ200.   I played a J45 for years but then I was introduced to small  bodied guitars, never looked back.

Confused...   SJ200s are large not small bodied guitars.  (SJ=Super Jumbo)? 

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Sorry Forthyearspickn what I was meaning is that as our fellow member has a problem with the size of the guitars he should look at a small body guitar as J45 and SJ200 are about the same size.   I can't say that the size bothered me during my J45 years but I was introduced to a small body guitar by Doyle Dykes and I was sold.

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On 5/23/2021 at 7:42 AM, lhnewman said:

I usually sit on the edge of a couch to play....and mostly fingerpick and soft strumming...

I find playing any guitar difficult and uncomfortable when sitting on a couch. I’d rather drag in a proper upright chair to play…especially if I’m playing a larger guitar. (And I’ve got a J 200 sized guitar on order…)

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I have a Songwriter cutaway and an SJ 200 Studio.  Love em' both,  but I actually prefer the feel and sound of the SJ. I'm sure it has to do with my size and build. I'm not big, but I have huge hands and long arms.  The SJ feels as good as any guitar I've ever owned.

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