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J200 v.s scale length

75 Hummingbird

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Hello all ,i am trying to gather info .

I am looking at a 1993 Gibson J200 VS with a 25.25 scale length. 

That is a scale that i had not heard of on a Gibson..... Is 25.25 a Gibson scale on a j 200?

The guitar has had a neck re-set and the bridge is possibly not original as it lacks ebony inlays .

The guitar is priced nicely , but my Spider senses are tingling ,pretty young guitar for a neck set ...

Any info would be helpful .

Thanks ,hope you folks are all doing your best .

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Added detail .
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A Neck set is not uncommon for that era.   I seen a few a couple years after that time frame done at a Gibson Dealer repair outlet. Not unusual at all.  It all depends how there stored , heat, dryness. ,     25 1/2 scale length. 

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2 hours ago, 75 Hummingbird said:

That is the  very guitar in question .



I bet that was a neck set that went wrong. I bet there was more wood takin than what was required. Thats why the scale is off.   So now the nut is closer to the saddle. The dove tail over hangs the soundhole. And the bridge with there statement. Not all had pearl panels is wrong.  The price reflects a quick sale to get rid of it.   

I wouldnt touch it.  Knowing whats been written. 

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I'm with SlimT on this one - stay away.  25.25 scale length might sound enticing, but the guitar was not designed for that scale length and the geometry is always going to be a little off.  Might be fine, but I wouldn't take a chance - too hard to sell as an oddball if you don't care for it. 

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