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Help Needed To Identify Very Unusual Head/Nut Piece On Steinberger GR4


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Does anyone here recognize this very unusual gold head/nut piece with no zero fret on this '91 GR4 neck?  The neck also has a number impressed on the last fret of the fingerboard that I've never seen before.  Thank you in advance for your help...






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I've never seen a headpiece like that, and I'm somewhat irritated by the lack of the zero fret. This looks like a one-off solution by an (to me) unknown parts/machine shop or luthier who must have removed the zero fret while installing the headpiece. Unfortunately this is kind of an irreversible damage to the neck, however,  as long as it works correctly this is only a damage to the value. I've also never seen such an additional number on the neck. The partially visible regular serial (N121xx) definitely points to a 1991 GR.

It also looks like there's a part of the neck missing (cut away), the neck end is shorter and not as round as the usual necks. This is how it should look like:



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