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Trying to ID my electric lap steel

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From my searching I believe this is a EH-500 Skylark.  But I can't id the year and actually I'm not positive about the instrument either - just going by pictures that others have posted.  Serial number on back of headstock = 17872.  Late 50s - early 60s?  I haven't found anyplace that has serial numbers of the electric lap steel guitars, just the acoustics.

Also if you have ideas on how to figure out a reasonable value for the guitar I'd appreciate it.  I've found listings of sold guitars but no price.  The guitar is not in pristine condition, but aside from the tone know (which doesn't do anything, I've had it in to someone who had no luck fixing it) it works.  It looks like all of the parts (including the case) are original but I'm not an expert.


PXL_20210602_191848834 crop.2mp.jpg




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I think you are correct that it is an EH-500 Skylark.  The serial number suggests 1961 (first digit being a "1").  The control knobs and the tolex case also seem right for 1961.

As far as the value, I would search for comparable items on ebay, Reverb.com, and Gbase.  I would also browse other forums such as this one:  https://bb.steelguitarforum.com/index.php

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Thanks JimR56.  I did also post on The Steel Guitar Forum.  I wasn't sure who would reply and my searches previously didn't show much for sale at the moment.  Also I knew about eBay and Reverb but I hadn't heard of Gbase before so that gives me one more place to look.  I appreciate your help.

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