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Help Dating a Gibson LG 1? 2?


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Hi friends,

I've been doing some research on the Gibson LG I picked up recently, but am in need of some help sorting out details.

From what I've gathered I have an LG1 (ladder versus x bracing) from either 53 or 56. 19 frets versus 20 frets. I originally thought it was an LG2 given it being sunburst and a tear drop guard. 

I believe the serial number is Y 4037 33. The Y is a little tough to make out. It seems that most from that era would have a 5 digit serial number so this is throwing me off dating it.


Hoping the team can help me out! I'm also looking for a new strap button/pin for it as it's missing one. If someone can point me in the right direction for a period correct one, that would be awesome!







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The lack of a center back strip alone would immediately  tell you the guitar is an LG1 rather than an LG2.  It is a bit tough to figure out what the first letter in the FON is.  Looks almost like a "W".  As you apparently have figured out though an FON starting with a "Y" followed by four digits would be 1953.  The burst, of course, is wat you would expect to find on a spruce top  LG1 while a teardrop scratch plate was par for the course up to some time in 1955.   

I am at a loss though as to what that second number stamped inside is.

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