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I bought a J45 last summer. While overall I've been satisfied with it, it always sounded muted. It never  seemed to develop the volume that my other Epiphones have.

I've always suspected that the culprit was the pickguard. No only did it cover about 25% of the body, it was very thick. I put off removing it on the premise that the factory knew what it was doing. It was only after watching a YouTube review  that also speculated that the pickguard was restricting the sound that I decided that it had to go. Out came the hair dryer and off came the guard.  The difference  was incredible, as though it was a different guitar.  The projection and the tone markedly increased. It feels like the sound flows free for the first time. I'm not saying that everyone should get rid of their pickguards, I'm saying that a guard this extreme can choke the sound. A quarter of the top couldn't vibrate because of the mutant piece of plastic attached.



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Ya I wish they put the modern style J-45 guard on them, like they did on the cutaway version.  I have been kicking the idea around of buying one but would have to either contact Epi customer service and see if I could get a guard off the cutaway from them or go to eBay and get one.  

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