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Fancy an Orange guitar?


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It looks like a bad version of an LP. 
And there’s no way that I’m spending that kind of money on that ugly thing. 
You could get a lot of nice Gibsons for way less   

I’ll stick with the amps. 

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9 hours ago, Rabs said:

The link is above £3,840.00 

Orange Custom Shop Guitars – Orange Amps

It took a bit of hunting to find out what they cost on this side of the pond, but there she is. 

$5,430.77 in American Dollars. 
Which is indeed £3,840.00 at the current exchange rate, so that's fair I guess. 

But is is hand-made. 




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It probably performs well and there is a P90 option.  I don't like the overall look of it and that price seems a bit high, even though there is clearly a lot of attention to detail.   Lower the price and come up with some more finish options and they might have something there. 

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7 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

That guitar must be going to straight to Joe Bonamassa. It's top wrapped.

Haha, Joe can use it.  I can stand looking at it, I like the P-90 option. It looks like a cross from electric and acoustic to me.  No different than the times Deb & I went through guitar museums.  But I got a price of $5,445.12 here for it.   No thanks. 

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Posted (edited)

So this came up in my Youtube suggestions..  They have done a guitar before (havent seen that before)..  But was actually orange this time... Far more appropriate event though its basically just a LP copy..


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