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1 hour ago, Dub-T-123 said:

Both super cool, smart guys. WHO WILL REIGN SUPREME????

The one who knows how to spell dysfunctional?

+:-@   [wink]

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This young person is trying to make the world a healthy place for humans, she is young and trying to do good and that is admirable. GO GRETA.   Hysterical ranting ? wtf !!!

Some of the worlds greatest minds are clashing for the title but who will be victorious?!    Coming in on the left we have BBP with monetized intellect and fluency in the language of the common

ending pollution and stopping school shootings should make ALL of us  participate in these efforts  or at least  NOT INSULT THOSE WHO TRY

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On 6/11/2021 at 5:39 PM, fortyearspickn said:

Youse guys knead two re-member your part in making the world a better place for Greta/Damien.

KNEAD??  [confused]

Whitefang  [wink]  (I'll let that "two" slide [cool])

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2 hours ago, ghost_of_fl said:

This stuff might help with that.  


Do they make that for penis's too? Mine is pretty sensitive.

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2 minutes ago, ghost_of_fl said:

I don't think they produce it in such small quantities.  😂

I only need a travel size and I'll be good for about a year.

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