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Version 2 robot must be the way to go


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This is my first post here - I'm quite excited at the prospect of buying a Gibson SG Robot, which should be way better than the Line 6 guitar I'm currently using for live work, but reading the threads here has filled me with fear - regarding the original issue at least.


The Gibson website makes no mention of a second issue, but I do occasionally see pictures of SG robots with ebony board, trapezium inlays and binding, which wasn't the spec for the original SG 'special' robot.


I've never seen one in the flesh yet - and I'm planning to drive up to Newcastle to look at them next Friday.


Can anyone explain the various types of robot SG that are available (in the UK)? When did v2 appear, or am I mistaken and we're all still waiting for it?


I believe the shop only has one robot SG special in naturalburst. If I could get my hands on an ebony one with binding etc (like a standard) I'd be happy to wait. Especially if its quality control issues have been ironed out.


Anyone in the know?



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I've seen 3 2nd Generation Robots delivered, including mine, and none had quality issues (a little nut sauce helps the tuning go smoother). Gibson kind of confused the model situation, because they released a Limited Edition and "Special" at the same time - but here's some info on the Robot SGs:


Gibson Robot SG Special Limited Edition: available with 4 different metallic paint finishes - purple, red, green and silver burst. Ebony fingerboard with trapazoid inlays, bound neck and headstock, headstock inlaid with MoP "Gibson" script and tulip icon. (1000 of each color were made and then discountinued - no longer in production)


Gibson Robot SG Special: available in cherry, natural burst, ebony (black). Ebony has since been discontinued and only two finishes are now in production - cherry and natural burst. These have a Rosewood fingerboard with dot makers, no binding and the headstock has the "Gibson" script in gold lettering.


Sorry, not sure what is available in the UK. There are some websites that still have the limited editions.


Check the price: $1,379 (US) and that's delivered here in the US. Maybe you can work a deal.


Good luck.

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Hmmm, I think I'm out of luck with the limited edition - and the ebony 'specials' are already very rare, only the odd one advertised anywhere in the UK - I might have to travel the length of the country for one - I think I'd better get a move on.


Thanks for the info.



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