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Gibson Les Paul Custom - Paint Name Stamping

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Hi All,  

I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom 89 model which I bought second hand many years ago.  I have always been curious - but located underneath the Treble Rhythm Switch and just about the top of the neck fretboard I can see someone’s name stamped into the paint and body. It says “MAURICIO”. 

It hasn’t been written with a pen or scribe - it’s perfectly lettered and symmetrical and clearly there when shined in the right light when looking for it. 

I always found this quite strange and never quite understood if this is something anyone has seen before or if it’s something that Gibson did in factory ? Or if perhaps one of its previous owners had this done themselves as part of a custom request etc 

I’ve had it looked at by multiple people. (music store workers ) here in Australia with the hope someone might know. I guess I’m just trying to get an idea of what it is or if it’s something Gibson did at any stage and there is any significance the Mauricio names means in the history of Gibson.

This isn’t a fake - I’ve already had this confirmed and the serial checks out etc online.

Thank you in advance.



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