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Which switch tip for '90s Peerless Epiphone archtops?


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When I look at StewMac, they sell two things that both could be right:

One is M4 x .7 (generally described as "import"), the other is M3.5 x .6 for "modern Epiphone switches."

How modern do they mean by "modern?" I'm guessing that means recent years' Chinese production, and the 90's Korean part I'm after is the former, not the latter. Has anyone purchased a replacement for a 90's Peerless-made Epiphone Casino/Sorrento/Broadway/Supernova/Riviera and know specifically which one will fit?

And in case you are thinking "just measure it," I don't trust myself to be able to eyeball the difference between 3.5mm and 4mm just by holding it up to a ruler's edge.

Thanks everybody!

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