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Gibson pickups no mids ?


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Iv owned an explorer for 4/5 years sounds great -recently I brought it to a guy to get covers on the pickups change all the hardware to gold etc ,when I got it back it was lacking so much punch and mids ...and all it’s balls -so i brought it back and got the bridge cover taken off as I thought that was the problem....got it back today ,it sounds better but still the same problem ,no mids (the bridge pick up sounds like a neck pickup ) the guitar has lost its balls .....has the guy made some type of mistake is it something i can fix myself ? Iv tried the pickup height and it only makes a small difference so that’s not the problem ....any ideas of what it could be ???Guitar is a stock explorer 2006  cherry red 

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Nice guitar, I had one of them.

Hate to tell you but he may have burnt the winding while put on/taking off the cover.  I don't know how to even approach asking or telling him that.  If it was me I would have known how that guitar sounded when I started and I would have finished with it sounding the same.


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