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Deadwood fans - anybody watch all 3 seasons?


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Do we have any Deadwood fans here?

Did anybody watch all 3 seasons?


We bought them on DVD.

The wife and I loved it.


Okay, by the end of season 3 things started getting a little lame in spots but what a series!!!



Let me inject one caveat for those of you who thought it was a little too grim or the language too harsh.

My wife saw a couple episodes in season one when her Dad was watching it - her Mom couldn't stay in the same room.


My wife is about as square and straight laced as it gets when you meet her, School Marm/Church Lady and all...

She also grew up dirt poor with a dirt floor in a farmhouse, she ate her pets for dinner, and they hunted for food.

Her folks are the real deal - as are mine - and she was fascinated by the language, culture, and realism of it all.


Describing it to me, she called it "Shakespearean" with all the varied characters.

I'm not a TV watcher beyond news, history, technology and such - so I was a skeptic.

We bought season one on DVD and watched it ALL in two days.


If you wanna know how it looked, sounded, felt, even smelled back in those days this is as close as it gets.


Great characters based largely on real people, with the melodrama weaved in seamlessly.


I recommend it.

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Yeah, it's a western, but you'll never look at another western the same way again.


I dunno, a few people borrowed it from me and couldn't get into it.


The only parallel I can see is the movie The Usual Suspects.

I have no idea why, but everybody I know that liked that movie loved Deadwood too.

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I saw every episode from the very beginning. I was very dissapointed when they cancelled after season 3.


HBO is a premium channel that you pay for and of course its programming, when the writer said he was not obligated to keep the series going or at least give it an end I was pissed.


They should have done the 2 hour special they were planning to give the series a proper end. It never happened.


It was a bloody show, everything else now seems like child's play.

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I saw just enough of one show to note that it's not terribly accurate in quite a few ways.


Yeah, I live less than half an hour from there, and where Dora DuFran had a house or two. Calamity Jane worked for her her here for a while before she went back up the hill. (She rode out of town drunk and cussin', sitting horseback behind a cowboy who likely was about as well lubricated with "who hit John.") Poker Alice ended up running a saloon/bordello/whatever at Sturgis where they have the Bike rally.


What was it like in those days? Well... I can't tell you for certain. Nobody can. But it was a strange combination of modern and old-fashioned. When I was 22, I interviewed an old guy who literally had chased rustlers horseback. My jaw apparently dropped a bit and he made a comment I've remembered quite well ever since: "Just wait a minute, sonny; we didn't exactly figger we were living in the dark ages..."


Seth Bullock founded the town where I currently live - and it's the geographical center of the nation. Come visit over July 4 during the 90th annual "Roundup." It's 2009 and in ways looks and feels like 2009 but... hey, there still are real folks with jinglebobs in the saloons. Come the week or so before and see the S.D. High School Finals Rodeo too.


The Roundup rodeo arenas still have the "look" they had roughly a century ago when informal "play" went on in the center of the horse racing track. Oh, here and in Deadwood? For fun some of the boys might have caught a wolf and set the dogs on it to watch the play. Not terribly politically correct nowadays, though...




(By the way, the real Deadwood "Days of '76" rodeo committee has won "best mid size rodeo" from the PRCA the past cupla years. Good folks. It runs later in July.)


BTW, I don't claim to be a real historian, but... I do have a few bona fides along those lines.

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