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I don't know but if that's meant to be a Union Jack, the thin red stripes and the thick side-to-side one are positioned wrongly on the white background stripes.  The designer has shortened the red stripe on the upper bout to line up with the pickup surrounds. 

Pedantic but I'm English.  So I hope there are only 50 of them!![smile]

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8 hours ago, kjdhfgkijahdghs said:

Clearly sharing parts of my collection on here isn't a hot idea. lol. oh well

My apologies - I'm sure it's a good guitar but it's a difficult shape for a flag finish.   What's the tremelo?  Arm looks like a Kahler...?

And...what else you got?

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On 6/18/2021 at 5:21 PM, sparquelito said:

Rick Savage sometimes plays a Union Jack bass guitar. 

Very often in full colour, but mostly in shades of black and grey. 




He looks like his dentures fell out of his mouth before he hit the stage.

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