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Carpenter Ants

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Nitro appears to put them off their feed.

Picked up some carpenter ant granules and spread it all around that one tree they're still running around on, maybe I can bump them off that way.  I sure hope so.

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I used a 2-prong attack on them. I spread the ant barrier 6 feet out from the foundation and watered that in and then also set up the Terro Ant Baits.

For the ultimate, you could always tent the house and let loose the cyanide bomb.  That will exterminate everything in it.

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I hate  ants, on the Big Island we have on going problems with Fire Ants, some areas can get really intense where we have problems with cats being blinded by them. To test for them we put some peanutbutter on a popsicle stick to collect them, then put that in a baggie freeze it, take it to the Department of Agriculture and they send out a team with a specially formulated concoction to kill them. 

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Well, I'm glad that carpenter ants are the only really bad ant problem here in MI where I live.  Far as I know, I don't think we have fire ants here.  None that I've heard about anyway.

Now excuse me while I go find some WOOD to knock on.  [wink]


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