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1967? Barney Kessel Custom serial number verification, help

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Hi all!  I have what I believe is a 1967 Barney Kessel Custom, serial number 563700.  I love the instrument.   It has the SN embossed on back of the headstock, above the gold tuning pegs.  I also has gold pickup covers.  There  is no serial number print/stamped inside the f-hole.

How would I confirm its age and if the instrument is stock?  I was told that is was when I bought it 10 years ago (from a reputable NYC music shop).



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You could send Gibson pics to confirm. I think they ink stamped stuff back then, but I am no expert. You could also look on the pots to see a date. Not sure if those have a control cavity cover to easily see them. You might need an inspection mirror if its like a 335 with no cover. 

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Hi Chris,

My go to source for serial# dating is Gibson Electric Serialization taken from the 11th Edition Blue Book of Electric Guitars. It is much more accurate than other sources out there like guitar dater project. Your serial number points to a 1969 date which is lucky since a lot of serial numbers in the 60's were used in multiple years. When I got my vintage ES-335 the serial number corresponded to either 1966 or 1969. The pot closest to the f-hole had oxidation on the back obscuring the ability to see the number with an inspection mirror. I had to remove the pot by tying a string to the shaft, unbolting the nut and removing the pot through the f-hole. I cleaned up the backside enough to read the date code which was late 1968, making my 335 a definitive 1969, not a '66 as I was hoping, since older is usually always more valuable. Then I used the string to get the pot pulled back into its proper hole. Good luck with your quest,



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