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On 6/26/2021 at 2:41 PM, Rabs said:

So what do you guys think of this?

As has been mentioned and seen in some of the pictures. One of my next builds will be an all black walnut DC... I cant quite decide what I want to do with the fretboard.. If I should use Ebony or Rosewood.

These are a couple of mockups I have had for ages.. Forget the details.. It will be black walnut with black hardware and I am planning to use those oval markers... Which do you think looks better?



Looks like a my Gibson "The Paul"  I used to own with killer wood.

Very nice.

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8 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

Looks like a my Gibson "The Paul"  I used to own with killer wood.

Very nice.

Yeah, cheers man.

And well those mock ups are just used as a very rough guide.. The walnut I have isnt quite as nice as the one on the mockup which I think is Claro Walnut.. You can see the body and neck in this picture.. Still quite nice.

And yeah.. The Paul or one of the Firebrand type is what I am going for. I will probably also carve the top but its going to be a solid slab.


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30 minutes ago, Dub-T-123 said:

Have you thought about doing a pore filler on the walnut? You could go light or dark and as long as there’s some contrast to the overall brown color it will help make the grain pop a lot more

Yeah not a bad idea. So far I havent done any grain filling at all. But it would get me a shineier finish and as you say if I use a colour will look more interesting... I will think on it cheers [thumbup]

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6 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

Is the neck on the right also walnut? 

But using the light clamped neck in that build?

Yeah..  Walnut body and neck for one build and London Plane body and neck for the other...  I like to match body and neck woods when I can.

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2 hours ago, Dub-T-123 said:

You get a session in this weekend bud?

Well yes and no...  I did an afternoon yesterday but not working on guitars. One of my sisters is having a new bathroom put in and she asked me if I can provide a front door to the cupboard that has been built...  And it DID NOT go well  😞 

So I went down to the farm where he keeps all the stacks of milled wood to air dry...  This is a new part of his stock area now which is undercover. Out in the field type area (its not a field, just mud now) theres about six times as many stacks as this as well as about 40 logs. He has a lot  🙂


Now the issue with doing this on the farm is that time is always limited for  them. There is always more to do than what the day allows. So I had to pick quickly.  Found this (which was one board but I cut it in half)


Then the next day I went to the workshop to cut them up.. Now the required width is 420mm..  These are about 250=300 wide.. So my plan was to bookmatch them and join the boards to make the width..

So mark them up


Cut the live edge off so I can joint them



Then mark them down the middle



And well. Despite checking my first cut and making sure it was all square it went wonky.  The piece is about 47mm thick after being flattened from 50mm and I was meant to end up with each piece at like 23mm and then flatten down to 18mm.

This is the piece down to 16mm and still with a dip...  Which is such a sad shame as it would have been lovely.




The second piece went even worse.. One of the edges was down to like 5mm..  I mean really bad...

So this has left me with an issue. I have one piece that is the correct size and thickness for which I bought another piece for the to make up the width. So I have one door..  This second above is down to 16mm.. So.. I had the idea to patch that dip as in use a router to cut a square out of it where the wood dips and put an inlay in and then thickness the other pieces that are 18m to 16mm. But it annoys me that she wanted 18 and I will provide 16mm.

I have a whole day booked on Tuesday where I will finish this job one way or another and hope to get back to the guitar stuff when I join these boards an leave them to dry.

THE most annoying thing about all of this is that someone else used the bandsaw after me and he thought there was something wrong with the blade or the setup and decided after seeing what happened to me to do it another way. So it may not even be my fault (its not like I dont know how to do this)..  The wood cost me £140 and I had to buy another one at £50...  Its a lot of money to waste...

Ohh well.. That is wood work for you.... 


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Just now, Dub-T-123 said:

Sorry to hear about the difficulty. As simple as they are, I’ve had my share of trouble with cabinet doors lol


what type of hinges are you planning on using?

I am not..  I am just providing the wood.. She has a builder there doing it all.. And she is going to oil it herself too.. 

When I was working for the wood shop this didnt matter so much.. Screw it up, a bummer, but just grab another piece and get on with it.. This time around I am paying for those mistakes, even if it technically wasnt my fault as such. I just wanted it to be really nice and bookmatching always looks good. She will just have to get a set as matched as I can make it without being bookmatched.. And maybe all at 16mm instead of 18 if I can fix that one with the dip in it. It may well just be easier to grab another board of similar size.

As you say.. It happens even to the best of us..

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Ok if anyone saw that other thread..  Please just ignore it..  I did not sleep well last night (thats my excuse anyway 🙂 )

Today I was in the shop all day... (well most of it anyway)..  Was really busy trying to get these bloody doors done.. It went so wrong last week I only ended up with one piece I could actually use.. So I had to buy three more bits (very expensive mistake that I dont even think was my fault 😞 )..  Any hoo its done now.

May as well show you 🙂 

These are the bits I ended up with.. Very little choice sadly but they arent bad.. Just not as nice as it can be...


Did the domino holes (biscuits)


And glue and clamp



And then I filled any holes


And sanded them all back after some drying



Anyway.. They are all done now and wrapped and ready for collection tomorrow to send to my sister.. I am glad they are done. This really did end up being a pain.. And distracted me from my guitars..

I did a bit of neck work just making sure the tenon was the right size and stuff (didnt take pics of that) and then I got the body a bit closer.. Still needs some fine sanding work.

Started like this today


So I jigsawed it a bit closer to the shape

Then over to the big arsed disc sander and spindal..



Like I say.. Still needs some more work but is almost there and the work I did on the neck today will allow me to glue the fretboard on at home so when I get back to the workshop (I may just do it all at home now) I should be able to glue the top and the neck pretty soon now.



I love the spalting on the edges too



So as I say.. Little done again but I will be back on track by next week and things should start moving quickly after that.

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Posted (edited)

Just another quicky..

Got the fretboard glued on today which is good.....

I did the hole for the trussrod tool. To be honest the truss rod hole, not my finest work but nothing that cant be cleaned up.. I think I may have been taking a few things for granted or just plain forgetting to check some stuff.. Kind of because this is my first build for a while. Its like I know what I am doing but still must double check everything and I dont always.. But thats fine. I will next time.






That is now in my car as I have another afternoon booked at the workshop tomorrow..  Nice.


So yeah..  More tomorrow then  🙂 

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Well.. Another fairly boring update I am afraid.

I have come to the conclusion today that while I do enjoy working at the shared workshop, I find that theres never enough time, I get too distracted there and I dont get the choice to carry on.. At 5:15 the bell goes and thats time you need to clear up before they close at 5:30...  And since I get there at 2pm it just leaves not enough time too really get in to it.

And then there was todays annoyance.. So silly.. Basically I drilled for the dot inlays today (decided the body wood is elaborate enough so just wanted something plane for the inlays). And,  One went missing... On this floor (which was full of saw dust and wood chips, I cleaned it up to look through the dust).


I searched for a good while and couldnt find it anywhere damn it... It kind of scuppered my plans to get them done, do the radiusing and then fret it... That would have been a good day.

But I got the rest of them done anyway and sanded back a bit. Wont take me long to do the missing one.


And the fretboard gluing went well. Just about the right amount of squeeze out



Also glued the top together today


And got some more body fine tuning done and started chambering the London Plane body a bit 




For the mahogany maple top build I am doing


And the walnut one I am doing for myself


And thats about it.. I intend to get the body fully routed out and the top on this weekend at home... Then as said.. Next week, its on  🙂

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5 hours ago, uncle fester said:

Looking good Rabs - looking forward to seeing that spalted london plane finished up.  What type of finish will you put on it?

Thanks..  And yes, I know from experience how good that top is going to look when finished. I will be using some kind of oil. Possibly Tru Oil or we use a really good oil at the workshop called Osmo oil.. One or the other. I used to use Nitro at the beginning but oil is much easier to use, not toxic and doesnt need a month to cure... Just much easier all round.

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For anyone at all interested...  Those walnut bits I sent to my sister arrived and she put the first coat of oil on..  She is happy which is all that really counts  🙂


And then I did the routing and gluing on the body and top

DIdnt use a template as I thought I had one and couldnt be bothered to make one so I just did it by hand


And the wiring channels


Covered them over as I dont want loads of glue to go in there and block them up


And then lots and lots of clamps


All looks nice and flat.. 


And there we have it for today.  A small job as such but an important one that will get things moving..

More soon 🙂 

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30 minutes ago, Dub-T-123 said:

Are you gonna be using a pickguard on this or is the neck joint going to be exposed? 

Looks great! Can’t wait to see more

A pickguard.. On that top.. Are you mad?   🙂   

Well I will either have the neck pickup right next to the freboard ala LP style or maybe I will put some of the spalted wood there and veneer it as such.. We will see....

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1 hour ago, Rabs said:

A pickguard.. On that top.. Are you mad?   🙂   

Well I will either have the neck pickup right next to the freboard ala LP style or maybe I will put some of the spalted wood there and veneer it as such.. We will see....

I was thinking of building something like this but setting the neck before gluing the top, planing the whole surface down, then covering the neck joint with the top. I think that’s how the LP standard is made but could be wrong 


agreed that a pickguard would be a mistake on that top!

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8 minutes ago, Dub-T-123 said:

I was thinking of building something like this but setting the neck before gluing the top, planing the whole surface down, then covering the neck joint with the top. I think that’s how the LP standard is made but could be wrong 


agreed that a pickguard would be a mistake on that top!

No.. With a LP the pickup is right up against the fretboard so no cover needed....

I did think about doing something like that but decided just to glue the top and deal with it later  🙂   It will depend on how strong the neck join is and if theres tenon enough to do it like that (will be kind of almost SG like in that way..  Of course I could always try and drill out under the top and see if I can do it that way..  We will see.

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Todays update...

Made another couple of silly mistakes.. One is just about an issue I forgot about with my router..  The bit needs to be ultra tight or it can slip down a bit during cutting.. And it happened when I was doing the binding channel. Which is really annoying as while its all ok now, its 8mm deep rather than 6.. So now my binding is too shallow... DOH!!   So will have to see if I can order some 8mm high binding...  And also you will see in the later pictures of the body, I chipped a bit of the top just above the lower horn.. Again it can be fixed. I always knew spalted wood is fragile and got to that point without any chip out so, not too bad I guess.

So here is the body.. Just need to trim the edge with a router bit that has a bottom bearing



And all done..  Nice




Then I did the binding channel with a rabbeting bit





This pic shows where I chipped the edge above the horn.... I can reshape.. not an issue really but just annoying


Then lastly a round over for the back






So there we are.. A few steps closer... Will have to fix that chipped area and do some sanding but thats about it, body is almost ready.  More soon  🙂 

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Just now, ghost_of_fl said:

I haven't been commenting but definitely watching it come together. Beautiful wood grain. 👍

Thank you sir..   Its weird having to relearn a bit. But most of it is to do with my tools and techniques than anything else, just small things you forget. And  with spalted wood there was always a chance of chipping it so I didnt do too bad really.

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