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Hey guys.. I’m Shay! An Irishman who lives in SoCal and Florida.. been playing Kramer’s since 100 years ago… anyway.. I bought this beast a few months back - no idea what the story on it is but it has a Kramer Neckplate with no serial number. I’m guessing either a NAMM show prototype or could be one of the Schaller releases from after the bankruptcy. Love to hear any theories or identifying comments you guys have! Thanks! 




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Hey Shay, welcome to the forum.  I'm sorry I can't help you with the Kramer.  I just don't know anything about 'em.  Surely someone here might be able to answer your question.

You might try posting this on The Gibson Lounge forum.

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Is the neck plate the only place on the whole guitar where the serial number is located from that maker of guitar? Do they also put it in the neck pocket or on the back of the HS?  I know nothing about Kramer's either. It appears to be made in beautiful NJ by the god of the sea.

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Hi Shay, I live in NJ and used to go to Neptune (the city, not the planet), once in a while for work.  As I remember, Kramer went out of business in the early 1990's  and  were acquired by Gibson a bit later, so you might be able to get some info by contacting Gibson customer service.  I don't think the city had a god of the sea but it definitely had it's share of goddesses


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