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On The Nickel - Tom Waits cover on J-45

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Gday cobbers. Hope you are all well. Dusted off my 2010 Black Nut J-45, bunged on some EJ-16's and gave it a plonk. Been a while. His original piano tune has a couple of key changes. In the interest of laziness and vocal abilities mine has none. Think I've forgotten how to embed.


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Ooooo, enjoyed that FB - nice J45 sound there.  Such a versatile instrument.  Never was a huge TW fan, but converting some of his stuff to acoustic guitar and actually pronouncing the words brings a whole different dimension to some truly great songs.

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Wow, FB, that was excellent.  I really enjoyed your take on this song.  I’m also not a TW fan, but your version was terrific.  

The J45 is perfect for your voice and for that style of performance, and you don’t need no stinkin’ key changes.   thanks for sharing this…well done!


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Thank you Dan, RB, Paul, Keith and Anne.  Pleased to hear from you. I enjoy seeing some of those familiar names whenever I visit here. The J-45 never disappoints me. I can leave it unplayed for ages....but tune it up and play it for 30 minutes and it sounds as good as ever. Keep well everyone.

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10 hours ago, flatbaroque said:

Cheers Dave and 62B.

Good on ya Dave for the embed. What’s the secret?It used to be removing the s from the URL in the link.

Easier nowadays. Just copy and paste the url

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