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Lead Time For MY J45 Studio Walnut Burst

Bill C

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It's a supply chain problem due to Covid.  It's not just guitars that are effected - try looking for new car, barely any on the lots.  During the past year a lot of manufacturers had inventory in their warehouses, so delays weren't so bad, but now that they have sold most of that inventory everything is getting backed up.  Gibson is probably short some of the components to build your guitar like tuners or the paint.  We all must be patient. 😡

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3 hours ago, Bill C said:

I ordered my Gibson J-45 Studio Walnut Burst finish on February 25th from Sam Ash, I have yet to receive it. Its now June  27th.  Does anyone know why its taking so long for Gibson to ship my Guitar?


You bought it from Sam Ash, shouldn't they be the ones shipping it?

Or was it a special order and not in stock at the time?

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Gibson cannot keep up with the demand due to covid and its effect on the customer being caged in at home and its effect on their work force. Delivery times can extremely high. To give you an idea: If I were to order a lefty Gibson 50s LG-2 in Vintage Sunburst now, the estimated time for delivery to Europe would be Summer 2022—one year from now.

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